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{:en}Unique Facts of Mining (1){:}{:id}Fakta Tambang (1){:}

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{:en} Gold and copper were the 1st metals to be discovered during Primitive Period around 5,000 BC Archeologists have found copper drain pipes from 3,500 BC that are still in good condition Au is chemical symbol of gold, comes from Latin “aurum” which means shining dawn Petroleum is used to make over 6,000 items :…

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{:en}5 Biggest Truck Mine In The World{:}{:id}5 Truk Tambang Terbesar Di Dunia {:}

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{:en}Trucks are a means of land transportation that can to transport a wide range of goods, to transport sand, stones, cement, and others. The size of the truck is indeed regarded as a large  body transportation even the largest as in the information of 5 Largest Mine Trucks in the World below : 1. Truck…

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{:en}Cobwebs Construction{:}{:id}Konstruksi Sarang Laba-Laba{:}

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{:en}Katama Suryabumi Corporation which is engaged in technological innovation of construction and agribusiness, has developed and has being the holder of new technology patent in field of design, one of which is the system of Cobwebs Construction (CC). The system incorporates a flat plate concrete foundation system with the soil improvement system which makes it…

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{:en}Hydraulic Fracturing{:}{:id}Hydraulic Fracturing{:}

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{:en}Hydraulic Fracturing, also called hydro fracturing, hydro fracking, fracking, or fraccing is a technique of oil mining. It was tested for the first time in 1947 and success to be applied commercially in the next 3 years. In 2012, there were 2.5 billion oil mining using hydraulic fracturing around the world.   Basically, this technique…

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{:en}Familiar with Agricultural Equipment{:}{:id}Akrab dengan Alat Berat Pertanian {:}

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{:en}During this time we may know heavy equipment is a tool used for building or building construction. But agriculture also requires heavy equipment to accelerate large-scale agricultural processes or with vast agricultural areas and plantation work, such as oil palm, sugarcane, or wheat gardens. Heavy equipment used for plantation and agriculture is used both when…

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{:en}Why Does Iron Ore’s Price Drop?{:}{:id}Mengapa Harga Bijih Besi Turun?{:}

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{:en}In last September-October, iron ore’s price is dropping about 20%. Even though the price reached the peak in February : USD 90 per ton. The price is increasing in February, June, and August according to report, but soon falling down. What is the reason? It is because of China’s iron ore demand. Government of China planned…

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{:en}5 Exotic Minerals You Won’t Believe Exist{:}{:id}5 Mineral Eksotik yang tidak akan anda percaya keberadaannya{:}

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{:en}One of the many perks of working in the mining industry is uncovering minerals. These naturally occurring substances take millions of years to form in nature, with only a small percentage ever seeing the light of day. some of the drawings of this mining are stunning and because of the uniqueness of these minerals there…

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{:en}Unique Facts Of Coal{:}{:id}Fakta Unik Batu Bara{:}

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{:en}Coal is a combustible black or brownish-black semidentary rock, composed primarily of carbon along with variable quantities of other elements, such as hydrogen, sulfur, oxygen, and nitrogen. Coal is extracted from the ground by coal mining and has been used as energy resource. Here is some unique facts about coal. Do you know Titanic? Yes,…

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{:en}5 Unique Facts of Bali Mandara Toll Road{:}{:id}5 Fakta Unik Tol Bali Mandara{:}

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{:en} Bali is a well-known island in Indonesia for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches, and coral reefs. This island has religious sites, such as Uluwatu Temple, also beautiful and famous beach side city named Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, and Nusa Dua. This famous tourist spot is now accessible with toll over the sea…

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{:en}Top 5 Most Expensive Mining Products{:}{:id}5 Hasil Tambang Termahal{:}

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{:en}There are many kind of mining products around the world. There are some which have high price to get, one of them is gold. But, do you know the other products which has higher price than gold? Here, the top 5 most expensive mining products around the world. Plutonium A radioactive chemical element with symbol…

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