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Things that companies with heavy equipment should know.

Things that companies with heavy equipment should know.

The heavy equipment industry — including machines such as the backhoe, crane, wheel loader, grader, forklift, and bulldozer — has been experiencing a near-6% growth rate worldwide for the past ten years.
This demand is fueled by the need for new construction to accommodate growth, for the refurbishing of old projects and buildings, and for increased mining activity to provide raw materials for industry.
The spinoff has also meant an increase in available employment in construction jobs for heavy equipment operators and maintenance mechanics, growth for parts manufacturers and distributors, and an increase in agencies providing operator certification.

Increased […]

How to Improve Asset Uptime

How to Improve Asset Uptime

Based on the industry survey, 70% of equipment failure are self-induced where 40% of them due to human error. The blame can be distributed to various functions; maintenance, engineering, operation, quality & management.

Standard Operating Procedure for Operations

This is a tough one to complete. Most company only use generic terms to define an activity like “check filter”, “clean the engine” without any checklist or specific guidance on how to do all these activities.

Engineers need to build a standardized work activity that can be easily followed by any operators so they can set an expectation of performance and measure the quality of work.

Build […]

Who should calculate the Mining Equipment Cost?

Who should calculate the Mining Equipment Cost?

Reliable equipment cost estimating requires :

Attention to detail
And the best cost data available

Specification information helps you select the right size and type of equipment for your project.
Horsepower ratings help you determine fuel or power requirements.
Current list prices help you determine your capital budget for equipment.
Hourly operating costs itemized for overhead, overhaul parts and labor, maintenance parts and labor, fuel, electric power, lubricants, tires, and wear parts give you instant estimates of operating costs.

Who should calculate the Mining Equipment Cost?

Cost Estimators
Purchasing Agents

It is Ideal for estimating project costs, developing capital and operating budgets, establishing baseline prices for appraisals.


Why you need to measure maintenance cost?

Why you need to measure maintenance cost?

Maintenance is one important part of operating your equipment and its a cost of doing business thus required to be reported in the financial statement.

Maintenance costs normally involve many variables; workforce, part replacement & usage, tools rental etc.

the purpose of measuring maintenance cost of each asset is to set a benchmark in comparing with performance, target & different equipment and to take action when the difference is significant.

Several actions you can take based on this measurement are:

Overhaul or replace unit, Rent or Purchase unit
Invest in proven efficient & productive manufacturer brand
Planned purchase of spare part components
Scheduled work order for maintenance
Recruit or […]

5 Tips to improve your heavy equipment lifetime

5 Tips to improve your heavy equipment lifetime

Heavy machinery is an expensive piece of equipment that needs a lot of attention to help them working at an optimum level of performance.

Having a damaged equipment cost a fortune for the company to fix includes the loss of production time which is even a bigger loss.

Here are some tips to help you improve asset lifetime and prevent them from major breakdowns.

1. Know the Limit

Equipment also has work load capacity & stress level, having this information would help you prevent them from getting overworked. The operator’s manual is the best place to start to get the right information about the […]

Learn from PokemonGo to re-discover your assets

Learn from PokemonGo to re-discover your assets

If you’re into the news lately you could not have missed all the hype with PokemonGo app, where people trying to catch all the monster using their phone by scanning their surrounding.

There are many companies operating today still doesn’t have enough information about their assets, whether it’s the equipment lying around their office branches, infrastructures, machinery or any valuable assets they owned.

Rediscovering your assets, turning from paperwork information into digital records that can be analyzed might be a disastrous job that requires a lot of efforts.

with amtiss application, you can rediscover all your assets simply by using your phone or tablet, […]

Why cloud computing will help your business

Why cloud computing will help your business

Do you really want to spend thousands of dollars on a server, server administrator, backup, maintenance, network, security and other related expenses to run an application supposedly to help you become more efficient?

By using cloud application you switch capital expense to operational expense, no infrastructure & development expenses, you pay as you go.

What are the benefits of having an enterprise type of application runs in the cloud?

1. Reduce and even elude long & tiring development time, you can start using the application immediately, a change request may be treated as an update or extra services and customized while you begin, […]

Late maintenance definitely means more expenses

Late maintenance definitely means more expenses

The terms “Predictive maintenance” is already replacing scheduled maintenance as a way to keep your asset in top performance, yet many companies still in late maintenance mode.

Being late is mostly not done on purpose instead, it was due to lack of real-time information.

What would happen due to late maintenance?

Void in warranty, license & permit, damage, overworked asset, reduce the lifetime and operation shutdown,

What are the things you need to keep notified concerning assets?

1. Warranty expiry

2. License expiry

3. Permit expiry

4. Maintenance schedule

5. Spare part replacement schedule

6. Audit inspection schedule




Did you get an accurate asset expense report?

Did you get an accurate asset expense report?

Did you spend many hours every month just to validate your company’s asset expenses? Making sure all the claims are valid, comparing historical records and eventually ended up draining million & billion of cash without any assurance that the expense is truly worth the performance.

What makes asset expense claim valid?

1. Asset operator needs to relate specific asset with a specific claim, with Barcode or RFID tag remove the chance of getting false claims.

2. Attach photos as proof of claim. Photos are good evidence to back the claim, watermarked photos even better with geotag, timestamp, username, company logo.

3. Automatic report generation. […]