Top 5 World’s Construction Equipment Manufacturers
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Here are the world’s top five construction equipment manufacturers. They build heavy-duty automobiles, specifically designed for implementing construction tasks, most commonly equipment concerning earthwork operations Caterpillar (USA) Caterpillar Inc is…

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How to be A Successful Mining Company
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Mining is an activity to extract valuable materials from the earth. The unearthed materials cannot be grown through agricultural processes or created in lab or factory,  in other words: non-renewable…

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5 Natures of Mineral
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Minerals are encountered every day in daily life, from the quartz of watch you wear to gemstones on your jewelry. Minerals are also used in many industries and have been…

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Silver, the Incredible Metal
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Silver is one of mining products and generally known to make coins, silverware, and jewelry. In fact, silver is used to make many things due to its unique properties. It…

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Meaning of Safety Helmet’s Color
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As the name implies, safety helmet is used to keep the user’s safety from falling objects. The helmet was officially developed in 1912 by Worker’s Incident Insurance Institute of Bohemian…

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Top 10 Bizarre Gold Things
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Gold has been the most sought mining material around the world since old times. Gold is common known to be used as jewelry, coins and false teeth. But, do you ever…

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5 Ways to Create an Environmentally Friendly Mining Area
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1. Closing illegal and unregulated mines In context with enforcing regulations and maintaining steadfast legislation regarding a mine’s behavior and processes, the strict and swift closing of illegal or unregulated…

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Facts of Uranium
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Uranium is one of the most expensive mining product in the world. Uranium, with symbol U and atomic number 92 in periodic table, is a radioactive element which has unstable isotopes. It…

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10 Rarest Gemstones in The World
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The rarer an item is, the more exclusivity it holds. Here is the 10 rarest gemstones in the world : Painite Painite is the rarest mineral which only two crystals…

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