{:en}Facts of Uranium{:}{:id}Fakta Uranium{:}
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{:en}Uranium is one of the most expensive mining product in the world. Uranium, with symbol U and atomic number 92 in periodic table, is a radioactive element which has unstable isotopes. It…

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{:en}10 Rarest Gemstones in The World{:}{:id}10 Batu Permata Terlangka di Dunia{:}
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{:en}The rarer an item is, the more exclusivity it holds. Here is the 10 rarest gemstones in the world : Painite Painite is the rarest mineral which only two crystals…

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{:en}Why Asset Maintenance Management is Important?{:}{:id}Mengapa Manajemen Perawatan Aset Penting?{:}
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{:en}The unstable price of mining products, such as coal in 2017, as well as the rising costs for operations make mining companies have to think of the most effective and…

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{:en}Unique Facts of Mining (1){:}{:id}Fakta Tambang (1){:}
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{:en} Gold and copper were the 1st metals to be discovered during Primitive Period around 5,000 BC Archeologists have found copper drain pipes from 3,500 BC that are still in…

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{:en}5 Biggest Truck Mine In The World{:}{:id}5 Truk Tambang Terbesar Di Dunia {:}
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{:en}Trucks are a means of land transportation that can to transport a wide range of goods, to transport sand, stones, cement, and others. The size of the truck is indeed…

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{:en}Cobwebs Construction{:}{:id}Konstruksi Sarang Laba-Laba{:}
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{:en}Katama Suryabumi Corporation which is engaged in technological innovation of construction and agribusiness, has developed and has being the holder of new technology patent in field of design, one of…

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{:en}Hydraulic Fracturing{:}{:id}Hydraulic Fracturing{:}
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{:en}Hydraulic Fracturing, also called hydro fracturing, hydro fracking, fracking, or fraccing is a technique of oil mining. It was tested for the first time in 1947 and success to be…

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{:en}Familiar with Agricultural Equipment{:}{:id}Akrab dengan Alat Berat Pertanian {:}
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{:en}During this time we may know heavy equipment is a tool used for building or building construction. But agriculture also requires heavy equipment to accelerate large-scale agricultural processes or with…

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{:en}Why Does Iron Ore’s Price Drop?{:}{:id}Mengapa Harga Bijih Besi Turun?{:}
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{:en}In last September-October, iron ore’s price is dropping about 20%. Even though the price reached the peak in February : USD 90 per ton. The price is increasing in February, June,…

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