{:en}5 The Largest Gold Mine in The World{:}{:id}5 Tambang Emas Terbesar di Dunia {:}
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{:en}Grasberg Grasberg, Papua The Grasberg mine is the largest gold mine and the third largest copper mine in the world. Located in Papua province in Indonesia near Puncak Jaya, the…

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Running a Better Business lesson learn from Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer
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In business, you work with many partners. You may partner with vendors and clients on a regular basis, but arguably, the most important partnerships you’ll ever form are the ones…

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Classic Machines: The Caterpillar DW-10 scraper
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Caterpillar missed a golden opportunity when it rejected Robert LeTourneau’s ideas for a motor scraper in 1937. It took them well over a decade to catch up properly, and by…

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{:en}5 Mine Areas That Become a Tourism Destination{:}{:id}5 Area Tambang Yang Menjadi Destinasi Pariwisata {:}
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{:en}Some of the wounds of the Earth now becomes a place so beautiful can even be enjoyed and is visited by many tourists. Some of this area is the area…

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Businessman Projected Coal Price US $ 85 per Ton on 2018
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The Indonesian Association of Indonesian Mining Association (APBI) projected the 2018 coal price (HBA) will be at US $ 85 per ton. The price of coal will be determined by…

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Barrick Gold’s nickel mine could become a ski resort
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Barrick Gold’s (TSX, NYSE:ABX) old Mascot Giant nickel mine, which closed in 1973 and is located near Hope, British Columbia, could soon become a ski resort, says a news story published today…

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Ways to Clean Up Oil Spills
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Oil is an important ingredient used in our daily activities. Oil is the mining material that many miners are looking for in high value. But the process of mining oil…

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Breksi Cliff, Nature Tours of Former Quarry
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Recycle is a word we often hear in this day and age. Recycle itself is an activity to make something to be reused so as not wasted. Many of which…

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{:en}The Cause of Damage an Undercarriage Excavators and Bulldozers{:}{:id}Penyebab Kerusakan Undercarriage Excavator dan Bulldozer{:}
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{:en} The undercarriage is one of the important components in heavy equipment such as excavators and bulldozers. One of the components of heavy equipment section below includes the frame and…

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