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How to Reclaiming Efficiency and Lowering Costs in Mining

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Here are some strategies to consider, from Deloitte’s “Mining spotlight on sliding productivity and spiraling costs.” Strengthen Mine Planning To improve sector productivity, companies can: Refocus on high-quality production by increasing cut off grades. Reduce capital expenditures in properties with lower production potential and shorter mine lives. Consider the benefits (and potential risks) of reducing…

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9 Mesin Terbesar di Dunia

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Demi memenuhi kebutuhan dunia yang semakin tinggi, manusia berlomba-lomba untuk berinovasi. Perkembangan inovasi pun terlihat jelas dengan mesin-mesin yang dibuat manusia. Mesin-mesin ini berfungsi untuk membantu pengelolaan dan pengembangan teknologi terbarukan. Ukuran mesin bervariasi, tergantung pada kebutuhan. Saat ini manusia lebih memilih menggunakan mesin yang berukuran raksasa. 1. Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Sources: Large…

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Inovasi Teknologi Sebagai Efisiensi

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Setelah pemerintah menetapkan harga khusus batu bara yang juga berbarengan dengan kenaikan BBM, para perusahaan tambang memutar otak untuk menyikapinya. Hal ini dianggap sebagai sebuah tantangan sehingga para perusahaan harus bisa meningkatkan efisiensi. Ada perusahaan yang memilih untuk mitigasi risiko seperti PT Bukit Asam. Namun berbeda dengan PT Indominco Mandiri. Seperti yang dikutip dari Republika…

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How can IoT Help The Mining Industry

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Automate maintenance and operations of machines – Leads to creation of newer collaboration models with OEMs for monitoring via cloud connectivity and networks. Standardize processes – Helps build newer business models and highly agile processes at the operations level. Improve traceability and visibility – Lets users automatically transfer and receive data over a network without…

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Top 5 Gold Producing Countries

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As published by Mining Global, here is 5 country with the highest gold output in metric tonnes: Peru (150MT) The South American country saw modest growth from 2015 to 2016 to the tune of 5MT. It has held steady at number five or six for more than a decade although it produced a high of…

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Digital Transformation of Gamuda

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Last year in the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) VIP Programme, Gamuda saw one of their digital transformation journey. It was a pilot project being implemented at Gamuda walk in collaboration with amtiss. An end-to-end mobile application developed to automate all work processes with real-time data collection and optimization 0f asset maintenance. Gamuda Berhad as…

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Top 10 Bizarre Gold Things

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Gold has been the most sought mining material around the world since old times. Gold is common known to be used as jewelry, coins and false teeth. But, do you ever hear a cigar made of gold? Or a food that contains gold?There are many bizarre things that contain gold and the prices are getting higher because…

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10 Rarest Gemstones in The World

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The rarer an item is, the more exclusivity it holds. Here is the 10 rarest gemstones in the world : Painite Painite is the rarest mineral which only two crystals were known to exist for decades. It was first found in Myanmar by British mineralogist and gem dealer Arthur C.D. Pain in 1950s. It is…

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Why Asset Maintenance Management is Important?

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The unstable price of mining products, such as coal in 2017, as well as the rising costs for operations make mining companies have to think of the most effective and efficient strategy to survive. One of them is having efficient cost management. By maximize the use of assets, the costs for repair or renew asset…

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Cobwebs Construction

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Katama Suryabumi Corporation which is engaged in technological innovation of construction and agribusiness, has developed and has being the holder of new technology patent in field of design, one of which is the system of Cobwebs Construction (CC). The system incorporates a flat plate concrete foundation system with the soil improvement system which makes it…

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