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{:en}Why Asset Maintenance Management is Important?{:}{:id}Mengapa Manajemen Perawatan Aset Penting?{:}

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{:en}The unstable price of mining products, such as coal in 2017, as well as the rising costs for operations make mining companies have to think of the most effective and efficient strategy to survive. One of them is having efficient cost management. By maximize the use of assets, the costs for repair or renew asset…

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{:en}How to Choose the Right Systems Asset Management?{:}{:id}Bagaimana memilih sistem aset manajemen yang tepat?{:}

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{:en}In the rapid development of the world, forcing companies to maintain and protect assets well and digitally so as not to be left behind with the times. In Indonesia and some other countries have many software or systems that can manage asset management easily and automatically, but how to choose the right systems asset management?…

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The Biggest Truck In The World

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There a lot of different categories of trucks, every trucking service needs specific types of trucks and because of that some of the trucks needed to become so huge that seeing them in person bring us fear. The most specific truck in the trucking industry is the dump truck or in the construction industry known…

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{:en}10 steps to secure your heavy equipment during the holiday{:}{:id}10 Cara mengamankan peralatan dan mesin perusahaan selama liburan{:}

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{:en}During the holidays, office and mining site are usually on a little break and left unattended. Make sure everything is secured and ready to start whenever your business is open again. Have you tested your CCTV working and visible during nighttime/dark Check all the lightings around your valuable equipment? Do a stock inventory of all assets…

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Differences between Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance and Management System (CMMS)

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There is a common perception that Enterprise Asset Management solution (EAM) is more a financial application, while Computerized Maintenance and Management System (CMMS) is more an operational application, since it tracks repairs, parts, costs of parts and maintenance at the equipment level. But it is too simplified and a bit misleading. The fact is both…

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{:en}Control your cost by controlling your reports{:}{:id}Kendalikan biaya(cost) anda dengan cara mengendalikan laporan-laporan anda{:}

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{:en} COST CONTROL Cost control refers to management’s effort to monitor, evaluate, and trim expenditures. Managers should influence the actions of individuals who are responsible for performing tasks, incurring costs, and generating revenues.  First managers plan the way they want people to perform, then they implement procedures to determine whether actual performance complies with these…

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Tips to keep your heavy equipment & machinery always on top condition.

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Heavy equipment & machinery is a highly valuable asset for every company who has/use it, these kind of asset requires constant maintenance to keep it in good working order. However, the only problem with these equipments is the cost – it is huge and sometimes makes quite a big hole in the pocket. Therefore, the…

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{:en}Why you need to measure maintenance cost?{:}{:id}Untuk apa mengukur biaya maintenance mesin secara detail?{:}

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{:en}Maintenance is one important part of operating your equipment and its a cost of doing business thus required to be reported in the financial statement. Maintenance costs normally involve many variables; workforce, part replacement & usage, tools rental etc. the purpose of measuring maintenance cost of each asset is to set a benchmark in comparing…

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{:en}5 Tips to improve your heavy equipment lifetime{:}{:id}Tips memperpanjang umur asset perusahaan{:}

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{:en}Heavy machinery is an expensive piece of equipment that needs a lot of attention to help them working at an optimum level of performance. Having a damaged equipment cost a fortune for the company to fix includes the loss of production time which is even a bigger loss. Here are some tips to help you…

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