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{:en}How to Choose the Right Systems Asset Management?{:}{:id}Bagaimana memilih sistem aset manajemen yang tepat?{:}

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{:en}In the rapid development of the world, forcing companies to maintain and protect assets well and digitally so as not to be left behind with the times. In Indonesia and some other countries have many software or systems that can manage asset management easily and automatically, but how to choose the right systems asset management?…

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7 Good reasons why your company needs Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System

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Application of Asset Management System can have many benefits to your company, including the following: 1. Good Business Practice. Asset management results in better decisions. Aligning management of infrastructure with strategic policies and direction will support the long-term success of the utility‚Äôs mission, goals and objectives. 2. More Meaningful Financial Reporting. An asset management approach…

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{:en}Who should calculate the Mining Equipment Cost?{:}{:id} Siapa yang seharusnya menghitung Biaya Peralatan Pertambangan?{:}

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{:en}Reliable equipment cost estimating requires : Experience Judgement Attention to detail And the best cost data available Specification information helps you select the right size and type of equipment for your project. Horsepower ratings help you determine fuel or power requirements. Current list prices help you determine your capital budget for equipment. Hourly operating costs…

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