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Expert Said #6 Risono: “Indonesia Menuju Negara Industri Berbasis Tambang”

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Sources: Antam Resourcindo / Penambangan Nikel di Pulau Gag, Papua Barat Semenjak keran ekspor Nikel dibuka lagi, Risono mengatakan industri tambang Nikel marak lagi. Namun dalam menghadapi persaingan bisnis, Risono yang pernah menjabat sebagai VP of Operations PT Antam Tbk dan kini mempimpin anak perusahaannya, PT Gag Nikel sebagai Presiden Direktur, semakin menunjukkan performa kepemimpinannya.…

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Jenis Perawatan Alat – Alat Berat

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Memiliki alat berat merupakan investasi dengan cost yang tidak murah. Karena itu perawatannya sangatlah penting untuk diperhatikan. Jika tidak dan alat mengalami kerusakan, hal tersebut akan mengganggu operasional dan merugikan perusahaan secara tidak langsung. Berikut beberapa bentuk perawatan yang bisa dilakukan untuk menjaga kondisi alat-alat berat tersebut: Preventive maintenance Ini adalah perawatan yang dilakukan untuk…

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How to Reclaiming Efficiency and Lowering Costs in Mining

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Here are some strategies to consider, from Deloitte’s “Mining spotlight on sliding productivity and spiraling costs.” Strengthen Mine Planning To improve sector productivity, companies can: Refocus on high-quality production by increasing cut off grades. Reduce capital expenditures in properties with lower production potential and shorter mine lives. Consider the benefits (and potential risks) of reducing…

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10 Produsen Batu Bara Terbesar di Indonesia

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Dikutip dari CNBC Indonesia, Indonesia memiliki 26,2 miliar ton cadangan batu bara, dengan aktivitas produksi mencapai 461 juta ton pada 2017. Berikut adalah daftar 10 produsen batu bara terbesar di Indonesia.

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Top 5 Business Risk Facing the Mining Industry in 2018

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As published by Ernst & Young about their research; the 10 Business Risks facing mining and metals 2017-2018, and up there with some of the biggest concerns is the cyber risk, digital effectiveness in an increasingly digital world and the ever-growing risk surrounding regulatory policy. So here are three of the biggest risks:   Access…

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How can IoT Help The Mining Industry

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Automate maintenance and operations of machines – Leads to creation of newer collaboration models with OEMs for monitoring via cloud connectivity and networks. Standardize processes – Helps build newer business models and highly agile processes at the operations level. Improve traceability and visibility – Lets users automatically transfer and receive data over a network without…

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Things That Companies with Heavy Equipment Should Know

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The heavy equipment industry — including machines such as the backhoe, crane, wheel loader, grader, forklift, and bulldozer — has been experiencing a near-6% growth rate worldwide for the past ten years. This demand is fueled by the need for new construction to accommodate growth, for the refurbishing of old projects and buildings, and for…

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Top 10 Mining Industry Trends and Challenges in 2018

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In the last 10 years, the mining industry has been on a roller-coaster, with commodity prices reaching both historic highs and lows, as well as operational realities shifting irrevocably in the face of a digital revolution. And companies better fasten their seat belts because those rapid changes are likely to continue and even accelerate this…

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Digital Transformation of Gamuda

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Last year in the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) VIP Programme, Gamuda saw one of their digital transformation journey. It was a pilot project being implemented at Gamuda walk in collaboration with amtiss. An end-to-end mobile application developed to automate all work processes with real-time data collection and optimization 0f asset maintenance. Gamuda Berhad as…

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7 Good reasons why your company needs Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System

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Application of Asset Management System can have many benefits to your company, including the following: 1. Good Business Practice. Asset management results in better decisions. Aligning management of infrastructure with strategic policies and direction will support the long-term success of the utility’s mission, goals and objectives. 2. More Meaningful Financial Reporting. An asset management approach…

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