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{:en}10 steps to secure your heavy equipment during the holiday{:}{:id}10 Cara mengamankan peralatan dan mesin perusahaan selama liburan{:}

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{:en}During the holidays, office and mining site are usually on a little break and left unattended. Make sure everything is secured and┬áready to start whenever your business is open again. Have you tested your CCTV working and visible during nighttime/dark Check all the lightings around your valuable equipment? Do a stock inventory of all assets…

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Bringing the benefits of mobile computing to the mining industry

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The mobile technology is becoming increasingly important in the mining sector. ┬áThe challenge is that mining environment isn’t always conducive to the needs of sensitive equipment like smartphone or tablet. Moreover creating an infrastructure that supports mobile technology in a mine holds many challenges, but they are challenges that are being met. Mining is an…

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{:en}Who should calculate the Mining Equipment Cost?{:}{:id} Siapa yang seharusnya menghitung Biaya Peralatan Pertambangan?{:}

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{:en}Reliable equipment cost estimating requires : Experience Judgement Attention to detail And the best cost data available Specification information helps you select the right size and type of equipment for your project. Horsepower ratings help you determine fuel or power requirements. Current list prices help you determine your capital budget for equipment. Hourly operating costs…

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