Top 10 Bizarre Gold Things

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Gold has been the most sought mining material around the world since old times. Gold is common known to be used as jewelry, coins and false teeth. But, do you ever hear a cigar made of gold? Or a food that contains gold?There are many bizarre things that contain gold and the prices are getting higher because of the gold. Here are the lists.

Gold Pills

gold pills

Produced in 2005 by designer-Ken Courtney and artist-Tobias Wong. The 24K-swallowble gold pills sized 20 mm and are currently being sold for $425 each.




The gold is incorporated into drinks and each bottle has miniscule fragments of gold foil that can be consumed.




The most expensive and made out of edible gold cupcake was made by Bloomsburry in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It was named Golden Phoenix with price $28,000.




A real hand-rolled Dominican cigar which wrapped in 24k gold leaf.


Shiny Yellow BBQ


The only one grill ever covered by 24K gold by High-end Aussie grill maker Beef Eater.


Credit Card


An exclusive credit card made of gold, diamonds and mother of pearls made by a bank in Kazakhstan.


Gold-plated iPhone


London jeweler Gold & Co sold  a 24K gold plated iPhone 5 for $4,380.




A visors of astronaut helmets contain gold due to its effective protection against space radiation.


Beauty Products


Chinese beauty product manufacturer Umo offers 24K gold massage for skin rejuvenation, as well as creams and other products containing gold.


Paint and Leaf


Some industries use a very thin gold leaf to paint to give unique shiny look.

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