Why you need to measure maintenance cost?

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Maintenance is one important part of operating your equipment and its a cost of doing business thus required to be reported in the financial statement.

Maintenance costs normally involve many variables; workforce, part replacement & usage, tools rental etc.

the purpose of measuring maintenance cost of each asset is to set a benchmark in comparing with performance, target & different equipment and to take action when the difference is significant.

Several actions you can take based on this measurement are:

  1. Overhaul or replace unit, Rent or Purchase unit
  2. Invest in proven efficient & productive manufacturer brand
  3. Planned purchase of spare part components
  4. Scheduled work order for maintenance
  5. Recruit or outsource technical engineer

Enterprise spent thousands of dollars on a single machine maintenance. if you can save 10-30% out of each unit cost of maintenance, you can save millions of dollars in total.

Makes sure you have taken good attention in monitoring your asset maintenance costs.




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