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Location tracker is a device uses to track vehicle position in realtime. A very common device in logistic industry to help in routing management.
For mining industry, this has also become a necessity for equipment such as Dump Truck, Excavator, Dozer.
Here are some of the things that might help your business operation by installing a location tracker:

1. Working hour, route, mileage & speed

Unit lifetime & work load will depend on usage, this is crucial when performing preventive maintenance schedule.
For a rental company, tracking these information will lead in accurate billing & revenue.

2. Restrict Zone movement

Geofencing feature in GPS tracker can help trace vehicle distribution & production process to prevent misallocation of resources, monitor equipment activities (idle, stop, on/off, speed).
This can also help improve drive behavior & prevent accident by ensuring all movement are planned & monitor accordingly.

3. Prevent missuse of equipment

Many equipment in mining are measured to the hour of usage, which should reflect in the amount of production and resources spend by the company. Any slight missuse of equipment time will result in loss of productivity, excess in payment etc. Tracking equipment activities will matter financially which makes the investment of tracker look microscopic.

4. Equipment lifetime

Equipment is manufactured to have a series of maintenance process to keep it operating at optimum performance. This can only be achieved by exercising that maintenance in time before the meant-to-replace spares causing havoc to the overall machine operation.
A good tracker not only focus on position but also condition, such as usage, mileage and details such as temperature, pressure of certain sensitive piece of the component of the vehicle. Acknowledging this information early can help reduce unschedule breakdowns.

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