Minimize Asset Expenses, Maximize its Lifetime

Control resource consumption, spare part & services, jump into the future of industrial technology by implementing IOT sensors for predictive maintenance.

About amtiss

What is amtiss

We help enterprise manage highly valuable assets; machinery, heavy equipment, transport fleet & infrastructure that contribute various expenses through fuel, resource, raw material , spare part consumption & service maintenance.

by tracking these expenses in real time & analyzing report instantly, company can take strategic decisions to be more efficient.

predictive maintenance can be achieved by measuring in real-time things like fluid temperatures, levels, pressures, contamination; bearing rotations, temperature, and vibrations; frame rack, engine speed, gear position  at various locations in the asset.

These will help identify impending problems early to avoid unexpected downtimes or failures.

Many industries can benefit from using amtiss;

  • Construction (Heavy Equipment, Machinery)
  • Mining (Heavy Equipment)
  • Telecommunication (Towers, Machinery)
  • Retail & Transportation (Transport Fleet)
  • Building Management (Infrastructures, Machinery)
  • Hospitality (Machinery, Infrastructures)
  • Government (Infra, machinery, fleet)
  • Quality Assurance Consultant (Asset Audit)
  • Safety & Compliance Auditor (Asset Audit)


Cost Tracking

Track every cost claimed by each assets & get business intelligent report to analyze cost & performance comparison between asset, brand/vendor, category, location, time & user/team.

Monitor asset cost progress & discover ways to reduce asset cost.

Measure in Real Time

Through the use of sensors, companies will have the ability to monitor everything from fluid temperatures, engine speed, gear position and brake pressure.

Information from the sensors will alert the equipment operator of potential trouble before it happens.

Generate Report Instantly

Get asset cost & condition reports instantly to reduce workload on your team in capturing asset information.

Scheduled Maintenance

Create a scheduled maintenance for your assets & receive timely notifications to avoid late maintenance and eventually improve asset lifetime.

Regularly schedule an asset audit for each of your assets.

Depreciation and Value

Manage asset depreciation and book values to find out your company’s asset real valuation & take executive decisions in keeping the performance of each assets.

Work Request & Work Order

Make every claim in your asset cost process validated through work request with managerial approval & create work orders to assign user & team to manage/audit assets.


Mobile Inspection with Android gadgets

No more manual paper work. Equipped your inspectors with any android device; phone or tablet to achieve valid, reliable & real time reports.

Take Photos & Videos

Capture asset image for proof with geotag & watermark.

Watermark will include asset ID, geotag (longitude,latitude), timestamp, user ID & your company logo. You will have assurance your assets being inspected accurately & actual conditions are reported correctly.

Offline Support

Your asset may be located in remote areas with no internet access, offline inspection will record temporarily & upload whenever possible.

Barcode Scanning

Track your asset by ID using Barcode or QRCode, to ensure asset being inspect accurately

Real Time Reports

Generate report from our web application instantly after inspector upload their inspection. This will help you making quick decision for asset maintenance.

Export report to PDF or MS Excel format or generate any custom export by choosing any given fields attributes.

Team Management

Group your team based on region, asset category or any user define classifications.

Groups will restrict user or team on accessing specific asset & protect user from mismanage asset.

Work Order

Scheduled work assignments on specific team at specific time to keep regular maintenance on your asset.

Populate asset to inspect for each work order or generate on the fly based on user grouping.


Use Geotagging on your asset to locate them accurately, we provide distance calculation to enable asset detection based on user device GPS.

View your asset on google maps marker on your mobile devices to define user & team route efficiently.

Digital Signature

Sign digitally using your devices for any inspection approval to reduce paperwork or tedious supervising headache.

Dynamic Inspection

Create in depth inspection list to suit your organization need easily. We provide easy to custom inspection template which you can change dynamically as the asset, condition & regulation changes.

Manage Logistic

Keep track on your asset movement by applying scan in & out of each asset based on their location & team restriction.

Our Features

How it Support Your Business

Mining Industries

Preventive maintenance for your infrastructure,  operating machine, tracking your heavy vehicles & their operational consumption.

Safety management, compliance & audit checklist.


Field maintenance, safety measurement, building compliance, progress reports, milestone achievement update, unit tracking & material consumption report.


Manage your moving assets, energy consumption, safety management, location tracking, internal & external audit, load control & quality compliance.


Room audit, safety compliance, quality control, asset logistic, asset maintenance record, customer survey.

Safety & Audit Consultant

Incident management & report, track performance, safety compliance, identifying secure environment, legal compliance, government regulations & policy report.


Regulatory compliance report. audit inspection, asset management & inspection.

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