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Optimize Resource Consumption, Improve Asset Uptime, Scheduled Maintenance, Real Time Report Generation.

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How amtiss Help your business

Reduce the expense of Operating & Maintaining
Heavy Equipment and Machinery

Cost Control

We help track the recurring expense of operating & managing heavy equipment & machinery, monitor resource consumption, spare part & service maintenance.

Manage resource allocation & compare with performance.

You will have a full control of all the expenses and discover ways to be more efficient.

Valid Reports

The asset operator can deliver a valid claim, executing work order and service maintenance, request spare part instantly with our mobile application.

The web application converts all the valuable data into an intelligent business information that will be analyzed by the company and helps in making strategic decision


For some highly valuable and critical equipment, we provide Telemetry integrated system to deliver data in real time, measuring various condition such as temperature, level, pressure, contamination, rotation, vibration, engine speed, gear position  and some over than 40 other sensors.

These installations will help identify impending problems early to avoid unexpected downtimes or failures.

Connecting Asset Operators

Equip asset operator with mobile app to deliver valid report easily & instantly

  • Works on Android Devices
  • Watermarked evidence
  • Barcode Scan & RFID
  • Dynamic Report Form
  • Work Order & Team Management
  • Offline Support
  • Geotag & Locator
  • Performance Analysis

Benefit from Features

Deliver Valid Reports

Asset operator can deliver a valid report with solid evidence instantly.

Scheduled Maintenance

Prevent machine failure & improve machine uptime with scheduled maintenance.

Work Order

Send work order & team execution for operating & maintaining equipment, removing work delays.

Report Automation

Generate report on the fly & online approval, improving productivity.

Business Intelligent

Compare performance & efficiency between period, brand, team & region.

Prevent Loss & Failure

Tag & identify equipment using various methods to prevent loss & mishandling.

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