Improve Maintenance,
Improve Productivity
A Software Solution for Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Smart Tool for Your Field Team

A mobile app for faster & highly accurate reporting

Work Order

Monitor job orders easily & reduce delayed maintenance with proper scheduling


Deliver standardized reporting with activity checksheet & procedural guideline

Work Request

Report equipment problems, request resources (Spare part & services) for faster responses


Track working hours to measure team performance & set up benchmark for future reference


Monitor team activities, new work, report submission & new photos to get an up to date status of your maintenance performances

Offline Mode

Continue working from anywhere & save report while offline in remote areas

Work Messaging

Discuss work order &equipment related issues with your team to streamline maintenance activities

Diagnostic report

Discover a problem-solution mechanism as preventive maintenance to reduce unscheduled breakdowns

Streamline your maintenance process

We help you from scheduling, work order, inventory, checksheet, mobile reporting to data analytics.

Equipment System

A web & mobile application to monitor your equipment performance

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Maintenance Management

From scheduling preventive maintenance, allocating resources, assigning checksheet

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Inventory Management

Monitor stock for your maintenance requirements, transfer between warehouses & manage bunker refuel

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Streamline communication between your maintenance team members to stay up to date & relevant in the process

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Data Analytics & Dashboard

A visual representation of your business & equipment performance to support executives in making better decision

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Machine Health with IoT

A telemetry devices to help the automation of tracking machine health & report meters in real time

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We help our customer improve their business through effective maintenance process

Increased Productivity

By improving response, approval & report generation time

Improved Efficiency

Through better resource planning, & allocation

Improved Equipment Lifetime

By standardizing maintenance activities, reducing delayed maintenance

Better Decision Making

By standardizing maintenance activities, reducing delayed maintenance

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