Maintenance Management

Construct preventive maintenance schedule, assign effective human resources and parts availability, report and records for unscheduled breakdowns.

Scheduling Wizard

Generate preventive maintenance schedule based on Working hours/Hour meter, Mileage/Odometer or time.
Get reminder for upcoming schedule, easily reschedule base on operation time.

Work Request

Helping field user sending report, problems & request for service & spare part from their mobile phone. Request photo, location tagging & checksheet for more validated report.

Work Order

Work order is the key in aligning all maintenance activities, setting up benchmark for work procedure, assigning resources and allowing user to allocate maintenance & operation budget accordingly.

Mobile app for maintenance report

Checksheet reporting to guarantee user dont miss out on important inspection & actions. The app will measure user working hours & help take validations such as watermarked photos, geo tagging & mandatory checks.

Equipment productivity

amtiss will automatically calculate equipment Physical Availability, Mean Time To Repair & Mean Time Before Failure to make better decisions faster