The Variety of Heavy Equipment

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Let’s get to know more familiar about heavy equipment that used in some companies.

1. Dump truck

Dump Truck is a tool used to move the quarry material from the quarry location to the project site. The tool is usually used to transport loose material (loose material) in the form of sand, gravel, soil and mineral/coat material in the world of construction and mining.

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2. Skid steer loader

Skid steer loader is a load with small rigid body frames and powerful, with lift arm engine that is used to set various tools and other additions. Although sometimes equipped with tracks, but generally skid steer loader is a motor vehicle with 4WD (wheel drive) with the left side wheel independent from the right side of the wheel. Because it has every side of the wheel that is free from the other side of the wheel, the wheel speed and the direction of rotation of the wheels determine the direction of the loader will change.


3. Excavator

Generlly excavator is driven by hydraulic power of the diesel engine and runs on the foot of the chain wheel. You could say excavators including multifunctional heavy equipment because it can be used for a variety of heavy work. It is therefore not surprising that excavators are used not only for heavy work on land but also on water. The main function of excavator is to facilitate excavation work.


4. Front and backhoe loader
Backhoe is a heavy equipment used to perform excavation works located under the backhoe position itself. Backhoe functions are similar to dragline and clamshell, but the backhoe can dig with a much more thorough depth, it can also be used as a loading tool. General Backhoe Loader function is to dig, trench, backfill, and material handling. This heavy equipment is commonly used in: General Construction Destruction and Excavation Landscape Manufacturing Asphalt breaking and road hardening


5. Crane

Crane is one of the heavy equipment used as a lifter in a construction project. Cranes work by lifting the material that will be moved in a horizontal way, then lower the material in the desired place. This tool has a large lift and shape and can rotate up to 360 degrees and reach up to several tens of meters, Crane is generally used in project work jobs, ports, workshops, industry, warehousing and others.


6. Front loader

Loaders are common tools in construction projects for loading works of excavated materials into trucks or making material deposits. Load mileage is usually not too far away. At the front of the loader there is a bucket so this tool is generally called a ront-end loader. The loader drive can be classified as a crawler or tire wheel. Crawler or crawler-tractor-mounted wheel loaders have wheels similar to dozers only fitted forward to stabilize the tool when transporting the material. Rear-wheel-drive can be used for digging and 4-wheel-drive is suitable to carry a full loaded bucket.


7. Road roller

Road roller is a vehicle used to condense soil, gravel, concrete or asphalt in road and foundation construction. Initially, rollers were used to level the farmland, especially after the soil was hijacked. In addition to countermeasures plant pests and control harvest easier, ground leveling can also help reduce loss soil moisture. At that time the roller was pulled by an animal, like a horse or an cow.


8. Bulldozer

Bulldozer is a multipurpose tractor and has traction capabilities used to drive, displace, strike and so on. Good for even severe field conditions, such as hilly, rocky, forested and so on. Bulldozer able to operate on dry soil until moist.


9. Flat bed truck

Flat bed truck is a type of truck which can be either articulated or rigid. As the name suggests, its bodywork is just an entirely flat, level ‘bed’ with no sides or roof. This allows for quick and easy loading of goods, and consequently they are used to transport heavy loads that are not delicate or vulnerable to rain, and also for abnormal loads that require more space than is available on a closed body.


10. Concrete mixer

Concrete mixer is a device that homogeneously combines cement, aggregates such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete. A typical concrete mixer uses a revolving drum to mix the components. For smaller volume works portable concrete mixers are often used so that the concrete can be made at the construction site, giving the workers ample time to use the concrete before it hardens. An alternative to a machine is mixing concrete by hand. This is usually done in a wheelbarrow; however, several companies have recently begun to sell modified tarps for this purpose.


11. Fuel truck

Fuel truck is a safe container for flammable fluids. Though any storage tank for fuel may be so called, the term is typically applied to part of an engine system in which the fuel is stored and propelled (fuel pump) or released (pressurized gas) into an engine. Fuel tanks range in size and complexity from the small plastic tank of a butane lighter to the multi-chambered cryogenic space shuttle external.




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