Predictions on the Mining Sector PNBP deposit can reach 40 Trillion

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The Mining Sector in 2019 is expected to grow very well but its production must be controlled so that the prices of its products remain good in the international market. In addition, this sector has a fluctuating market price of mining products and discussions about the environment around the mine. If it is not anticipated, he continued, the damage to the environment resulting from the mining could be greater than the state revenue so far. The prediction of deposits of Non-Tax State Revenues (PNBP) in the mining sector can reach more than Rp40 trillion in December 2018 by looking at the conditions for achieving PNBP achievements to date.

The achievements of the mining sector PNBP exceeded the target compared to several things. This can save a better business paying for its responsibility, tightening supervision of the ESDM Ministry in supervising mining and improving the system using the E-PNBP facility. Meanwhile, for 2019, the government has launched a target of Rp. 41.82 trillion in the non-tax revenue collection. As far as the calculated natural resources (SDA) of the mineral and coal PNBP is targeted at Rp. 24.12 trillion and the proceeds from sales of mining products amount to Rp. 17.69 trillion.

In the Minerva Law, Number 4 of 2009 has been approved in article 83 paragraph D with a maximum area of ​​Special Mining Business Permit (IUPK) Production Operation only 15,000 ha. Hoping that the government can make policies for all PKP2B contracts, it is better for the potential that must be paid to BUMN Mining as its management by providing a portion of 10% PI (Interest Participation) for mining BUMD. Due to foster capital and share the risk, there is still room with a share of the 39% of shares can be done the B to B by the companies with the mechanism that is fair, transparent, and accountable.




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