Tips on Treatment Machine Regularly

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Mining and construction are one of the industries globally rely heavily on big machines. Maintenance of large machines must be maintained regularly and carried out checks every day because the machine is one of the important factors in supporting a production process. By caring for machines that can warranty asset readiness and manage operators to remain safe.

Many benefits can be obtained if the engine is cared for properly, such as preventing damage, to repair and improve the condition of the equipment in accordance with accepted standards, and to determine the occurrence of changes or abnormalities in the physical condition and function of the equipment system. From some of these benefits, there are some tips for carrying out maintenance on the engine :

1.   Keep Daily Records of Use and Oversee Operation

To oversee the operation of the engine via GPS. The device tracks movements and records them in digital records, so the problem can be known earlier, and damage can be prevented.

2.   Maintain a Schedule of Planned Maintenance

Machine components that do not function optimally due to usage are unavoidable, so it is necessary to replace each component according to the schedule that has been made.

3.   Lubricate and Clean Frequently

Some components that require maintenance and are often lubricated, especially parts that move in machinery and other components such as hydraulic lifts and bearings.

4.      Inspect and Monitor Components for Wear and Damage

Continuous inspection of components can prevent damage or failure to the engine. In addition, lubricant analysis must also be part of a regular maintenance schedule, because this is a way to diagnose problems and prevent the machine from damage.

5.      Protect Equipment During Storage

There are several tools that need to be protected, such as large machines that must be stored under the cover; engine motors, turbines, mixers, and other equipment must be rotated as often as possible; engine idle check, condensation, and contamination; and don’t forget to check all lubricants.

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