MBAP’s Solution to Face Declining Coal Prices

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Do not blame the world. Find a solution

Sri Chinmoy
source : MBAP

Mitrabara Adiperdana (MBAP), part of Baramulti Group which is engaged in coal mining, has produced 50% of annual target: 2 million tons of coal in the first semester of 2019. The high-quality coal is mined from Malinau mine site, North Kalimantan.

source : MBAP

MBAP Secretary-Chandra Lautan reveals the challenge faced this year were coal prices that continued to decline. To deal with this condition, MBAP has been implementing production cost efficiency program on building and infrastructure, machinery, mining equipment and supporting the mining operation.

MBAP realizes the importance of efficient production cost program to fight the current unfavorable situation. How about you?

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