Why Improper Operation Can Lead to Machine Failure

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Typically, equipment operators are people who have been given in-depth training on operation procedures, troubleshooting, and best practices for safe equipment use depends on the tools they’ll work with.

Wait, how if at one fine day, the operator has to operate equipment he never operated before? Chaos? Probably happen!

An easy example, imagine there’s main course chef who is asked to create a dessert. The result may be not as delicious as it can be, or even it may taste bad. The same thing will happen if operator A-who is working every day using equipment A, is asked to operate equipment B.

Or, when suddenly equipment B has a part that is damaged or needs to be replaced, operator A’s knowledge of ‘how to replace the part’ is certainly not as deep as the operator who used to operate machine B. Operator A will try to think of an installation method that might be similar to part installment on machine A. Well, incorrect operation and parts installation will lead to machine failure at the worst possibility.

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The most rational solution is to train every single of your operators and mechanics so they can operate all types of machine. Or, give basic training about machines that is not their job to operate. At least, “understand” is better than “know”, and “know” is absolutely better than “don’t know”.

Or, make a strict rule that operators who don’t have adequate capabilities may not operate the equipment under any circumstances.

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