The Threats of Unqualified Operators

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Heavy equipment is an important asset for the company in mining, construction, plantation, and other industries that need a huge machine to operate. The expensive price of a unit makes the heavy asset very valuable. However, like other engines and vehicles today, it still requires a party to operate called operators. Although it doesn’t rule out the possibility of the equipment can operate itself with AI technology in the future.

Back to the topic.

Heavy equipment is highly technical equipment which needs qualified skill and knowledge to run and maintain. Imagine, how can an unqualified operator run the equipment properly and efficiently? Remember, the concept of doing business is to get the highest profit or productivity with the smallest cost.

Maintenance carried out by an operator without proper skills will certainly be “dangerous” for the equipment. There may be parts that are not installed correctly and will lead to decrease productivity and even trigger failure. This can potentially accelerate the replacement of spare parts and asset downtime prematurely. The improper operation also has the potential to trigger an accident on site that is dangerous to the operator himself and people around the equipment. These are all interrelated problems that are triggered by the same cause, namely improper operation.

That’s what makes operator training to deepen the knowledge and skill is so important. The Standard Guide is also important as additional assistance in improving the performance of operators.

Then, how to ensure the operators using the standard guide?

Utilize technology! amtiss has Checklist Management Feature that enables the company to create a standard guide for inspecting and maintaining equipment. During the inspection, the operator only needs to fill in that checklist. Inspection and maintenance standard is maintained, so is the machine health.

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