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Amtiss User Award hadir di awal tahun 2022

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amtiss memulai tahun baru 2022 dengan menghadirkan acara penghargaan untuk para pengguna aplikasi amtiss melalui acara penghargaan bergengsi amtiss User Award 2022. Pada acaranya yang pertama kali dilakukan amtiss ini, amtiss User Award menghadirkan total 5 kategori untuk diikutsertakan dalam penghargaan ini. Setiap pemenang mendapatkan hadiah menarik dari amtiss, seperti Smartphone, Jaket, Helm, Voucher belanja,…

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The Threats of Unqualified Operators

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Heavy equipment is an important asset for the company in mining, construction, plantation, and other industries that need a huge machine to operate. The expensive price of a unit makes the heavy asset very valuable. However, like other engines and vehicles today, it still requires a party to operate called operators. Although it doesn’t rule…

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Familiar with Agricultural Equipment

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During this time we may know heavy equipment is a tool used for building or building construction. But agriculture also requires heavy equipment to accelerate large-scale agricultural processes or with vast agricultural areas and plantation work, such as oil palm, sugarcane, or wheat gardens. Heavy equipment used for plantation and agriculture is used both when…

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