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Things Need to be Checked to Support Equipment Health

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Prolong heavy equipment lifetime can be done in many ways, one of them is by implementing preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is intended for minimizing unplanned downtime. amtiss highly recommends you to do preventive maintenance, starting from implement regular inspections. Illustration: Heavy Equipment Regular inspections allow you to know the machine condition before and after an…

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Say Bye to Internet Connection Problem On-site

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Illustration of inspection on-site Many systems offer solutions for asset management, especially for heavy equipment. However, these systems are still constrained by internet connections, particularly on the mining site. One of several things to consider before getting a digital solution for your company, isn’t it? Now, it’s not a problem anymore!amtiss has Offline Feature that…

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The Threats of Unqualified Operators

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Heavy equipment is an important asset for the company in mining, construction, plantation, and other industries that need a huge machine to operate. The expensive price of a unit makes the heavy asset very valuable. However, like other engines and vehicles today, it still requires a party to operate called operators. Although it doesn’t rule…

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7 Teknologi Konstruksi Diperkenalkan oleh Balitbang

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Dikutip dari, berikut adalah 7 teknologi yang ditawarkan Balitbang: Blok Beton Terkunci Teknologi ini bertujuan untuk mencegah terjadinya penggerusan dasar sungai. Keunggulan teknologi tersebut, dapat dipasang secara cepat karena modelnya pabrikasi. Meski dibuat di pabrik, teknologi ini tetap mampu menahan gaya seret air yang besar sehingga mencegah abrasi. Saluran Irigasi Beton Pracetak Modular Sesuai…

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Investasi Melalui Sistem Untuk Kontrol Alat Berat

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Saat ini, hampir semua aktivitas manusia membutuhkan bantuan teknologi. Namun kenyataan ini tidak disadari oleh semua orang. Masih banyak pihak yang belum ‘melek teknologi’ sehingga tidak mempertimbangkan teknologi sebagai solusi dari masalah yang ada saat ini. Seperti halnya penggunaan software untuk mempermudah sistem di perusahaan. Bagi perusahaan yang terbuka dan sadar akan kebutuhan tersebut, perusahaan…

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Top 8 Construction Trends in 2018

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Builders and contractors have to keep updated with the latest construction industry trends so that they can go ahead in their market. Here are some trends quoted from the balance smb: Green design In 2018, green construction attracts a lot of attention. Construction managers and contractors will have to change the way they used to…

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How to Save Money on Construction Project

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Creating a more cost-effective project means disrupting poor behaviors and possibly leveraging new technology to help your team with improved workflows delivering on a new promise – achieving more, with fewer resources but generating higher profits. Here are some tips to save money on future construction projects: Plan Well Make the project plan properly is…

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Improved Work Process with Technology

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As your company grows, you encounter new challenges that require you to be more innovative. Efficiency is what every business wants to pursue. The common problems are the conventional work process on the field and the way data is being delivered to the managerial level which requires too much time. While the top management level needs…

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Why Asset Maintenance Management is Important?

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The unstable price of mining products, such as coal in 2017, as well as the rising costs for operations make mining companies have to think of the most effective and efficient strategy to survive. One of them is having efficient cost management. By maximize the use of assets, the costs for repair or renew asset…

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The Cause of Damage an Undercarriage Excavators and Bulldozers

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The undercarriage is one of the important components in heavy equipment such as excavators and bulldozers. One of the components of heavy equipment section below includes the frame and a set of tracks and was instrumental in moving from one place to the other.  Damage to these parts could not be avoided, as it will…

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