Top 8 Construction Trends in 2018

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Builders and contractors have to keep updated with the latest construction industry trends so that they can go ahead in their market. Here are some trends quoted from the balance smb:

  1. Green design
    In 2018, green construction attracts a lot of attention. Construction managers and contractors will have to change the way they used to work and acquire the necessary certification in order for their job to be recognized as green.
  2. Modular building
    Modular buildings are the development of a building structure off-site and then transporting it to the desired site without compromising on quality. It essentially moves 80% of construction work off-site.
  3. Drones
    Drones have numerous advantages for construction projects. Drone technology can be used in mapping the construction site, reporting project changes and updates clients, monitoring, and inspecting job sites.
  4. Building Information Modeling (BIM)
    Building Information Modelling takes into account the most crucial thing in a construction project: Collaboration. More and more contractors are implementing BIM technology in their work processes. According to the National BIM report of 2017 by NBS, 78% of manufacturers believe that BIM is the future of project information.
  5. VR and AR
    VR is able to provide a virtual walk through in order to sell property and pitch architectural ideas to clients. In construction, it can be effectively used to provide safety training to workers. It also enables easy communication and collaboration on site. A great example of VR implementation in construction is the Daqri smart helmet.
    In regards to augmented reality, its basic essence is to enhance what we see through data and information. This can provide accurate measurements, material details, and reduce the risk of errors.
  6. Labor and Government Implications
    The type of workspace in construction is anticipated to change. The advent of digital technologies will generate the need for technologically savvy and competent professionals.
    Knowledge workers will be the future of the industry. In general, construction has a great opportunity to update its profile and become an appealing option for young people who are after a long-term career in a technological environment.
  7. Design-Build and Collaboration
    Design-build process or use IPD as tools will solve your schedule delays and help you plan better. These tools are not new, but they are amongst the construction industry trends for 2018 as owners will ask for earlier completion dates to maximize their business operations.
  8. Cost, Funding, and Finances
    The construction trend for 2018 is to look for P3s or Private-Public Partnerships as a way to obtain financing approval and complete projects that otherwise would be impossible. Material costs are high and they are not expected to come down, so your supply team must be aware and act fast to secure good prices with your vendors.


Sources: Thebalancesmb



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