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Top 8 Construction Trends in 2018

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Builders and contractors have to keep updated with the latest construction industry trends so that they can go ahead in their market. Here are some trends quoted from the balance smb: Green design In 2018, green construction attracts a lot of attention. Construction managers and contractors will have to change the way they used to…

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How to Save Money on Construction Project

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Creating a more cost-effective project means disrupting poor behaviors and possibly leveraging new technology to help your team with improved workflows delivering on a new promise – achieving more, with fewer resources but generating higher profits. Here are some tips to save money on future construction projects: Plan Well Make the project plan properly is…

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Top 5 Gold Producing Countries

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As published by Mining Global, here is 5 country with the highest gold output in metric tonnes: Peru (150MT) The South American country saw modest growth from 2015 to 2016 to the tune of 5MT. It has held steady at number five or six for more than a decade although it produced a high of…

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Meaning of Safety Helmet’s Color

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As the name implies, safety helmet is used to keep the user’s safety from falling objects. The helmet was officially developed in 1912 by Worker’s Incident Insurance Institute of Bohemian Kingdom. There are two types of safety helmet : helmet equipped with flashlight and wide edges (used by underground or tunnel workers) and helmet without…

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5 The Largest Gold Mine in The World

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Grasberg Grasberg, Papua The Grasberg mine is the largest gold mine and the third largest copper mine in the world. Located in Papua province in Indonesia near Puncak Jaya, the highest mountain in Papua, and has 19,500 employees. Mining operations operated by Freeport reached 1.444 million ounces. Cortez Cortez, Nevada Cortez is one of the…

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Do you know? What is the meaning of the different colour of safety helmet?

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Head injury accident is one kind of the major occupational accidents, particularly in the construction industry. Every year many workers injured or are even killed as a result of head injury. The main risks of head injury in the workplaces are as follows: where there is a possibility that a worker may be struck on…

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Do you know why are almost every heavy equipment yellow in colour?

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It has been an industry wide practice to adopt yellow as the primary colour of heavy equipment. However this isn’t the norm and there is no standard requiring this to be the case. There are plenty of manufacturers that have distinct colours for their heavy machinery/equipment. Hitachi, for instance, paints their excavators ‘Safety orange’. Yellow…

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