Meaning of Safety Helmet’s Color

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As the name implies, safety helmet is used to keep the user’s safety from falling objects. The helmet was officially developed in 1912 by Worker’s Incident Insurance Institute of Bohemian Kingdom. There are two types of safety helmet : helmet equipped with flashlight and wide edges (used by underground or tunnel workers) and helmet without flashlight (used by miners or open industries).

The helmet usually has striking color to prevent the user from being hit by vehicles or other heavy equipment. The color of the helmet also to indicate the position of the user.  However, not all places has the same meaning of the helmet’s color. It depends on the company. Here are the general meaning of safety helmet’s color.


  • White > manager, supervisor, engineer, foreman
  • Blue > site supervisor, electrical contractor, temporary supervisor
  • Yellow > sub contractor
  • Green > environmental supervisor
  • Pink > new workers or intern
  • Orange > company’s guest
  • Red > safety officer


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