Why Asset Maintenance Management is Important?

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The unstable price of mining products, such as coal in 2017, as well as the rising costs for operations make mining companies have to think of the most effective and efficient strategy to survive. One of them is having efficient cost management.

By maximize the use of assets, the costs for repair or renew asset can be reduced. That’s why, effective and efficient asset management is needed. By implementing a scheduled asset maintenance, starting form inspection and periodic maintenance, company can monitor the condition of assets and can handle quickly if there’s a damage. Easy example, we need to check our teeth at dentist periodically to maintain its health and prevent ‘toothless’. The different is: company assets are spread around many areas, while teeth are inside a man’s mouth.

Mining companies usually have headquarter, branch offices, and mining sites on several locations. Assets monitoring is quite hard and slow if still using manual way: report by paper then submit to branch office, send the report to the headquarter, and the report is being processed in headquarter. Imagine if there is a asset which need a new spare part and it is sent one month after the reporting, certainly it will slows down the operation process and affects company’s revenue. Or, if the asset is forced to operate with the broken spare part, doesn’t it will accelerate the end of asset’s life?

So, what to do?

 Take advantage of exiting technology facilities. Change the paper report and erase the long process to use technology which is much more effective and efficient. Use the internet connection and send information quickly. PC/laptop and mobile phone which has evolved into android to ease the reporting process and giving instruction.


Amtiss is the solution.

Amtiss is a startup who offers solution for companies which need assets maintenance management, such as mining company. Amtiss provides web apps, mobile apps, and IoT Telemetry solution which ease the headquarter and branch office to connect with each other and for more efficient assets maintenance management. Using Work Order and Work Request module, reporting and instructing process are accessible by all offices. Company can operate faster and more efficient in power, time, and costs.

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