Improved Work Process with Technology

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As your company grows, you encounter new challenges that require you to be more innovative. Efficiency is what every business wants to pursue. The common problems are the conventional work process on the field and the way data is being delivered to the managerial level which requires too much time. While the top management level needs a quick report to make for a faster decision making.

Similarly when problems occurred on the field. The operator has to go through a tedious process involving a lot of paperwork and a queue of approval process which ended with another work order creation to be delivered back to them on the following day and the circle repeats itself.  Delays in these process are causing a high rate of machine breakdowns and uncontrol expense budget.

It’s time to simplify the process. Start by breaking the gap between the on-site/field users and managerial level users. The first step is to transform your conventional process into digital. A single platform from desktop and mobile devices improve your efficiency. Let your field operator use a digital inspection that they can access from their mobile devices. Accessing their own work list and maintenance scheduled right on the palm of their hands. 

Easily report the asset condition with more accuracy through barcode verification, geo tagging, and photo. Ability to report incident or making request directly from site and deliver it to your company’s inbox in real time for manager to review and respond immediately. The application dashboard will provide analytical view to measure productivity and efficiency as you improve your business based on accurate information from your organizations.



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