Digital Transformation of Gamuda

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Last year in the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) VIP Programme, Gamuda saw one of their digital transformation journey. It was a pilot project being implemented at Gamuda walk in collaboration with amtiss. An end-to-end mobile application developed to automate all work processes with real-time data collection and optimization 0f asset maintenance.

Gamuda Berhad as the Southeast Asia’s leading infrastructure and property developer, need to increase the efficiency through automated monitoring and maintenance predictions. Gamuda Land CEO Chee Meng Ngan said, “ This is only possible with this kind of new technology that uses sensors, logistics programmes, and assets identification programmes that allow us to do this remotely without having presence of people and more labour on site”.

Gamuda - amtiss

So Gamuda and amtiss collaboratively made an IoT pilot to answer the key problems; Does potential cost savings justifying the investment of IoT? Will digitizing really save on inspection time? Can processes be digitized across multiple departments? Will legacy assets be compatible with IoT sensors? Are employees willing to transition to and embrace a digital system?

To digitize the inspection and reporting process, IoT sensors were implemented to test automated data collection and the result was amazing. 80% reduction in man-hours spent in the inspection to reporting process, 50% reduction in time taken for a work order approval, >RM 100K forecast savings through energy savings, and 90% reduction in paper used for maintenance process.



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