6 Ways to Save Money on Your Machines

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Heavy equipment plays an important role because it can facilitate and assist employees in completing the project, especially for projects on a large scale. How it used in a project must be considered because it affects the projects time and cost. For many construction site manager, getting the lowest total lifetime cost and help you get the most from your machine. How to save money on your machines?


 Training: Put operators in the driving seat

  • Machine efficiency can vary by up to 40% according to the experience of the operator.
  • Operator training simulators increase efficiency and reduce accidents.

Fuel efficiency: better to sip.

  • For most owners, fuel consumption is the No. 1 cost of operating an excavator.
  • An idling vehicle can waste up to one gallon of fuel an hour
  • It would take 60 of today’s cleaner diesel engines to equal the same emissions from an engine made in the 1980s.

Maintenance: don’t cut corners on care.

  • A customers support agreement can: reduce TCO, improve reliability, increase revenue.

Telematics: data driven savings.

  • Fleet telematics can reduce maintenance cost by 31%
  • Two third of construction firms are using telematics data

Uptime: give your machines a break.

  • Average machines idle time can be as much as 30% of all operating time.
  • An auto-idle system can help cut fuel consumption by half, adding $20,,000 to machines resale value.

Digital Transformation: changes the conventional work process for savings much more

  • Digital inspection drive to efficiency, paperless and faster report to deliver
  • Mobile app remove the gap between managerial and the site
  • Ability to make a faster decision
  • Easy to control operational expenses



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