The Cause of Damage an Undercarriage Excavators and Bulldozers

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The undercarriage is one of the important components in heavy equipment such as excavators and bulldozers. One of the components of heavy equipment section below includes the frame and a set of tracks and was instrumental in moving from one place to the other.  Damage to these parts could not be avoided, as it will damage the undercarriage after 5 years of usage due to various factors. However, it can be prevented with treatment and examination within a certain period. As for some of the causes of damage the undercarriage that could be avoided.


Worn out

 Worn out undercarriage can occur due to age or the field where the bulldozer operation is quite extreme. For example near the beach, if salty sea water touch on the part of the undercarriage it will become quickly worn out. In addition to the sea, the location near the river also endangers the undercarriage becomes faster wear. This is because corrosion is triggered by liquids that are in direct contact with the undercarriage, not only sea water and rivers other chemicals such as urea fertilizers are also the cause of wear.


The  harsh terrain

In the area of stone mines found many cases of heavy equipment damaged by the harsh terrain. This can make the undercarriage damaged, broken even untied. Trackhoe on heavy equipment that is used everyday stepping on the stone will often be damaged and make some components loose.


To prevent such damage by doing daily inspection and maintenance to prevent premature damage to the undercarriage. By using amtiss to check the machine easily and the results of the examination can be seen in real time.





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