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Using Mobile Device for Daily Maintenance? Why not?

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One of many keys to keep the optimum condition of your heavy machinery is doing daily inspection. Inspection able you to monitor and ensure that the machine operates properly, which will later relate to the work results and operator safety. The Usual Daily Inspection Typically, inspections are done by checking all parts of the machine…

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Mining has been known for a long time starting from stone mining in the days of Ancient Egypt and Greece. Since the industrial era, human needs for mining materials such as the use of cellphones, watches, jewelry, and other products have increased along with the increasing human population in the world. Thus, the mining industry…

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Differences Between Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance and Management System (CMMS)

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There is a common perception that Enterprise Asset Management solution (EAM) is more a financial application, while Computerized Maintenance and Management System (CMMS) is more an operational application, since it tracks repairs, parts, costs of parts and maintenance at the equipment level. But it is too simplified and a bit misleading. The fact is both solutions track the financial…

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Excavators are heavy equipment that are widely used for the purpose of transporting or digging material or other constructive activities. The Heavy Equipment System used in the Excavator itself is a hydraulic system, where the main driving force is a diesel engine. This diesel engine functions to convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy obtained from…

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Monitoring Manpower with Mobile Apps

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Setiap perusahaan tambang memiliki ribuan unit aset yang tersebar di beberapa lokasi berbeda dan setiap aset tersebut membutuhkan monitoring serta maintenance yang dilakukan oleh mekanik secara rutin. Selain memonitor asetnya, perusahaan juga perlu memonitor waktu kerja mekanik dalam setiap maintenance yang dilakukan terhadap unit. Namun bagaimanakah monitoring tersebut dapat dilakukan jika sistem maintenance di lapangan…

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Familiar with Agricultural Equipment

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During this time we may know heavy equipment is a tool used for building or building construction. But agriculture also requires heavy equipment to accelerate large-scale agricultural processes or with vast agricultural areas and plantation work, such as oil palm, sugarcane, or wheat gardens. Heavy equipment used for plantation and agriculture is used both when…

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The Cause of Damage an Undercarriage Excavators and Bulldozers

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The undercarriage is one of the important components in heavy equipment such as excavators and bulldozers. One of the components of heavy equipment section below includes the frame and a set of tracks and was instrumental in moving from one place to the other. ┬áDamage to these parts could not be avoided, as it will…

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