Using Mobile Device for Daily Maintenance? Why not?

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One of many keys to keep the optimum condition of your heavy machinery is doing daily inspection. Inspection able you to monitor and ensure that the machine operates properly, which will later relate to the work results and operator safety.

The Usual Daily Inspection

Typically, inspections are done by checking all parts of the machine and recorded on report sheets. The reports will be sent to the site office and head office by manual or system depends on the company.

Input data from the sheets to the system also takes quite long time. Imagine, if there are 50 heavy equipment at a mine site which are inspected every day-before and after the operation. Then, there’ll be 100 sheets of paper reports that must be submitted to the site office.

The site office will input the data to be submitted to the head office. This process is time consuming due to a large amount of data. Not to mention if there’s an issue with the machine. The maintenance and spare part request, even information about the machine breakdown will finally reach the head office for days later.

So, what is the solution?

Utilize mobile technology! Using mobile for inspection reports and spare part requests, data can be conveyed or accessed quicker and easier. There’s no need to wait for days anymore. The data input process and complex flow process can be eliminated for good.

The better one, paper usage is reduced because it has been replaced by mobile device that can be used as many times as needed (need to be charged tho).

In conclusion, the delivering data and spare part requests become faster, paper usage is reduced, and heavy equipment maintenance is more optimal that lead to maximum productivity and efficiency.

Where to get a mobile inspection system?

Inspection Using amtiss Mobile App

amtiss has what you want and what you need!
Provides many features that able you to carry inspections in a mobile manner and create the reports digitally which can be accessed by authorized parties. In addition, the inspection reports are automatically generated into analytical data that is useful for decision making of the heavy equipment.

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