What are Ground Engaging Tools?

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Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are tools that engage directly with the ground or materials to protect your heavy equipment. Choosing the right and good quality of GET, also has a good manner in using and replacing GET, will ensure to prolong your heavy equipment lifetime. Of course, it’ll also affect the productivity and profitability of the machine.

GET attached in various attachments has different names:

BulldozerMotor Grader
BladeCutting Edge, End BitPoint Ripper, Pin
RipperCutting Ege, End BitSacrifier Ripper

ExcavatorWheel Loader
Side Cutter

So, what’ must be listed before getting a GET?
High quality-expensive is “much better” than low quality-cheap one. But, before buying a high quality one, make sure how are the conditions on the site (ground type, etc) and the operation type (will you use blasting? etc).

GET is made to wear and tear. But, you can add parts to strengthen and protect GET from wear and tear, namely laminite, chocky bars, etc. Operator’s skill also impacts the lifetime of GET.

Also, note that the ground or material types have a big impact on the GET. If you use the machine to crush, ripping, dozing, and spreading the ground/materials, the GET life will be shorter than use the machine for the loose ground/materials.

One more useful tip for you!
It’s highly recommended to provide the new GET in the warehouse. By doing this, whenever the GET has reached its downtime, you’ll always have the new one to be attached on your heavy vehicle. The operation can continue to run smoothly and your heavy equipment is protected.

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