Excavator Sizes

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Choosing the right size of excavator is very important to get the job onsite done properly and efficiently. Imagine if you had a sewer reparation project but you used a standard excavator which was too big for the project, your job might not finish properly and the probability of over budget was increased. Or, if you had a major construction project but only had a mini excavator, you might go over the deadline.

Before picking the right size of excavator, it’s important to know the size variation. There are 4 main size categories of excavators:

  1. Mini or Compact Excavator (<6 tons)
    • is the smallest excavator class by size
    • is the best for small places and indoor work such as sewer repairs, water line installation, etc
  2. Midi Excavator (6-10 tons)
    • gives more power to small spaces with high maneuverability
    • also can be used on standard projects such as building construction and landscaping
  3. Standard Excavator (10-45 tons)
    • has a nickname: crawler excavator
    • is the most popular size for the commercial construction project, especially for 19-24 ton range
    • has a hydraulic system which increased power and attachment options that make it capable of handling multiple tool attachment
  4. Large Excavator (>45 tons)
    • is the largest excavator class
    • is necessary for massive construction and demolition work because of its power and capacity
    • due to its size, it is required an oversized truck to transport the excavator

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