What is Track Frame?

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Track Frame serves as the “backbone” (framework) and support for undercarriage: track assembly, rollers, front idler, recoil spring, and adjusting mechanism. Usually, there are 2 track frames located on the right and left of a unit. It consists of box-shaped steel which is arranged crossed and tied with welded steel plates.

Track Frame can be classified into 2 types based on mounting to the mainframe:

  • Rigid Mounting
    As the name implies, the track frame is rigidly mounted to the mainframe. This type of mounting is usually installed in small units. Any impact or shock to the undercarriage will also be received by the mainframe or vice versa.
  • Pivot Mounting
    The opposite of the previous type, pivot mounting allows the track frame to move independently. Medium and large-size units usually use this type of mounting.

For the routine maintenance, conduct thorough periodic inspections on the track frame and other undercarriage parts for signs of, for example, abnormal wear, leaking rollers or idler, misaligned, loose, and missing parts. Any slightest abnormal conditions must be treated immediately to prevent further damage which will lead to losses.

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