3 Types of Machine Failure

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All of us certainly choose to avoid any machine failure. However, to be able to prevent failure, we must know in advance what is machine failure.

Machine failure is a condition when the machine can not operate optimally due to known or unknown-intentional or unintentional causes.

Types of Machine Failure

There are three types of machine failure based on frequent occurrence:

  1. Sudden failure
    Is an unexpected breakdown of the machine with obvious cause.
  2. Intermittent failure
    Is a breakdown that happens sporadically or randomly. The cause of failure is difficult to identify. This type of failure is quite frustrating, but it can be prevented by anticipating the probability of causes and addressing them during maintenance.
  3. Gradual failure
    Is the easiest failure to be prevented by doing routine maintenance and inspections. Monitor the machine from the operating process to the lifetime of the parts/components.

After knowing what is machine failure and the types, let’s move on to how to prevent it from happening. The best solution is to monitor your machine and do regular inspections and maintenance. Yes, it’s quite hard to do if your company has many machines, like hundreds or maybe thousands. It may cost too much money or time or energy to take care of all the machine one by one.

What’s the solution then?

amtiss provides digital solution with many features suitable to help you keep track of your machines, engineers & mechanics, maintenance, and warehouse. All activities regarding your machines can be done easily using mobile app and web app. The collected data from the daily to breakdown reports will be auto-generated into analytical data which will be a good help for you to create the next strategy to improve productivity and reduce failure or breakdown.

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