3 Machine Failure Causes

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Companies always attempt to prevent any machine failure to happen. In addition to delaying operations, failure also increases costs for companies to repair the machine. And, these will lead to company losses. Must be very strange and impossible if machine failure occurs without any trigger.

Machine Failure Causes

After discussing types of machine failure (Read: 3 Types of Machine Failure), let’s talk about the causes.

  1. Thermally Induced Failure
    Just like the name, the failure is caused by temperature or weather issues starting from high-temperature fluctuations to overheated. For example, when turning on and warming the machine in winter. Or, when the weather is hot as well as the machine. Actually, this cause of failure can be solved by preparing the equipment or machine to face the temperature change. Remember to ensure climate onsite. Note that it is important to get the machine prepared before the thermal fluctuation occurs.
  2. Mechanical Induced Failure
    The failure is easy to recognize. Usually happens due to being late to change the worn-out parts, improper installation of parts, misaligned tighteners, poor lubrication, overexertion, overrunning, shock, vibration, and collision. It can also occur due to human error, or in this context: operator’s abuse. Starting from not reading the manual properly, ignoring warning signals, to the lacking skill of the untrained operator. That’s why we need expert controllers to operate these ‘babies’, isn’t it?
  3. Erratic Failure
    Yes, just like the term: “erratic”, this failure occurs randomly in various conditions. In other words, it is quite difficult to identify the cause. Usually, it happens due to sudden overload on the hydraulic or electrical system, and software or hardware malfunction. Well, calm down! It also can be prevented by using diagnostic equipment during regular maintenance.

From the long explanations above, we can draw a conclusion that any failure, despite the causes, can be solved if we intend to do prevention.

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