4 Main Benefits of Using Saas for Heavy Equipment Maintenance

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Heavy equipment maintenance can be time-consuming and repetitive for workers and managers. An easy way to change this is by going digital with amtiss SaaS! SaaS, short for Software as a Service, is extremely beneficial for companies (including those with heavy equipment) looking to digitalize their maintenance process. 

The 4 main benefits of using SaaS for maintaining heavy equipment are highlighted below. 

1. Saves Time 

Time is saved by digitalizing operations using SaaS. Going digital simplifies many tasks for the company. Digitalization can help managers track the machines and instantly receive updates on them. Any issues from these updates can then be acted upon immediately without waiting on filling out forms and the rest of the paperwork. Managers can track machines in one click of a button instead of going through piles of paperwork and the time saved could be used to do other important tasks. One must keep in mind that implementing SaaS into the company should be seen as long term gain. Companies may take time to implement (especially with training staff on how to use it) in the short term, but in the long run, plenty of time will be saved when maintaining equipment.

2. Cost-Benefit

The benefits of using SaaS for tracking heavy equipment assets outweigh the costs of implementation. Cost is massively reduced by digitalizing daily operations and the maintenance process, for example, managers can view the maintenance schedule of machines and purchase spare parts prior to breakdowns, saving money through not only just-in-case purchases but also through bulk buying. Additionally, a system will ease the process of tracking the maintenance schedules of each machine. Tracking machinery and constant maintenance (done on time) can lead to high productivity and lower costs with scheduled breakdowns. 

3. Transparent system

A digital online system allows for transparency between employees, managers and even directors of the company. Everyone with permission has access to the data put on the system. For example, anyone can know what the spare parts are used for, how many are left, where the spare parts are stored, when to replace machine parts and so on. One can also know the employees in each department and the point of contact to report certain issues, through the system. Top-level directors can keep track of inventory, spare parts, machinery, etc to ensure there is no mismatch between their data, the managers’ information and the actual numbers.

4. Flexible

The information about the company’s assets and machinery are available online from any device — be it on a laptop, computer, mobile or tablet. The flexibility of accessing information from anywhere creates a very efficient system for processing daily tasks including work orders, purchasing supplies, delegating tasks and so on. Furthermore, SaaS systems usually have offline mode which allows workers to input data on-site as soon as issues arise and once connected to the internet, all members of staff with permission will receive the updates. 

These main benefits can drastically increase efficiency in your company. Check out amtiss SaaS for FREE to digitalize your maintenance process for major benefits!

Article by : Kareen Nanwani