Breksi Cliff, Nature Tours of Former Quarry

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Recycle is a word we often hear in this day and age. Recycle itself is an activity to make something to be reused so as not wasted. Many of which we can recycle such as used tins used as toy cars, paper used as notes on the blank side and etc. It turned out that not only objects that can be recycled, the former mining area can be converted into an interesting place of recreation.

Breksi cliff was once a limestone quarry but has now been transformed into a good tourist location. The location of this resort is located not far from Adi Sucipto Airport only about 10 minutes. Breksi cliffs are also often used as a place of artistic and cultural performances. This location has also been used one of the famous Indonesian singer Afgan became one of the video clip location song entitled “Kunci Hati”. This tourist attractions put forward a beautiful scenery that attracts many local tourists and foreign tourists. Not infrequently visitors make it as a place of photos, even this place is also often used as a location photoshoot for pre wedding.

With high creativity a place that had no value can be turned into a tourist attraction that attracts many visitors.



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