Things Need to be Checked to Support Equipment Health

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Prolong heavy equipment lifetime can be done in many ways, one of them is by implementing preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is intended for minimizing unplanned downtime. amtiss highly recommends you to do preventive maintenance, starting from implement regular inspections.

Illustration: Heavy Equipment

Regular inspections allow you to know the machine condition before and after an operation. However, which parts of the machine that must be checked in regular inspections?

  1. Oil
    Regularly change engine oil to improve fuel efficiency and avoid any problem that may occur. At least, change engine oil 3 times a month.
  2. Wheel/tire
    Always check the wheel pressure to ensure it’s on the optimal shape to work in certain field conditions.
  3. Liquids
    Check the liquids contained in the equipment, such as fuel, hydraulics, and coolant*. Make sure to maintain all of the liquids in the proper level to avoid freezing or boiling to the machine. Also, confirm that there’s no leakage in reservoirs or in the lower part of the machine.
  4. Lubricants
    Lubricants are essential to keep the moving parts of the equipment running smoothly in kinetic assemblies and to prevent them from wearing out.
  5. Brake
    Remember to check the condition of the brake. In addition to maintain the machine condition and productivity, it’ll also improve safety for the operator and people working around the machine.

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*Coolant: a substance in the shape of liquid or gas, that is used to reduce or regulate the temperature of a system. In other words, coolant can keep the machine from freezing or boiling.



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