Tips to Maintain The Undercarriage (2)

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Continuing the last article, here are the remaining tips to maintain Excavator Undercarriage by Shane Reardon, a Doosan excavator product specialist:

Illustration: operating crawler equipment
  • Basic practices
    Adhere manufacturer’s recommended operating procedures can help to decrease the possibility of breakdown.
    Find the tips here.
  • Proper Track Tension
    Adhere and maintain the proper track tension when operating the equipment. A tip for you, run the tracks slightly looser when working in soft-muddy conditions.
Illustration: tracks on the grass
  • Sensitive Surfaces? Choose Rubber Tracks
    Rubber tracks offer good flotation that allows the equipment to travel across and work on soft ground conditions with minimum ground disturbance on finished surfaces (concrete, grass, asphalt).
  • Adhere to Proper Procedures
    Every equipment has its own proper procedures in the manufacturer’s Operation and Maintenance Manual. Following the manual will minimize excessive wear and track degradation.

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