Tips to Maintain The Undercarriage (1)

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The undercarriage consists of various important components – which is quite expensive – certainly needs to be maintained properly. In addition to optimizing costs, any company also wants to maximize the operation of crawler equipment and improve its lifespan.

Here are some tips to maintain your Excavator Undercarriage by Doosan excavator product specialist: Shane Reardon.

Illustration: dirty track
  • Keep it clean!
    Clean the undercarriage from dirt and other debris after the daily operation, especially in colder climates when the materials freeze faster. The materials can rub on the bolts, loosen the guiding, seize up the rollers, and add additional weight to the components. In another word, wasteful of fuel.
    So, regular cleaning will prevent unnecessary downtime on the undercarriage.
  • Undercarriage Inspection Routine
    Undercarriage inspection allows the operator to find out early if there are excessive or uneven wear, damage-missing-or misplaced components, and oil leakage. Routine inspection is needed especially for equipment used in harsh or other challenging conditions.
    Here are the items that need to be inspected on a routine basis: drive motor, drive sprockets, main idlers and rollers, rock guards, track bolts, track chain, track shoe, track tension.
    By doing the routine inspection, loose trackpad, broken track pin, and major failure in the components can be prevented.

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