Equipment Operator should also has knowledge in Maintenance Processes

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Equipment operators should know more than just start and run the machine!

They should have a very good knowledge about their equipment maintenance process & problems.
In order to achieve this, you need to make sure that Operator Training is part of your Preventive maintenance program.

Here are the reasons:

Operator is the frontline reporter of your heavy equipment condition, they are the one who will be the first to detect or sense any potential problems of the equipment.

With the right set of knowledge, they will be able to recognize indications of machine failure at an early stage before it becomes a serious issue.

They will give more attention to certain important details of the equipment.

They will be an increase of safety to themselves and their surroundings when performing duties.

They will have more respect and care for the equipment.

Operators can report problems faster and are able to identify the work request more precisely.

How to include Preventive Maintenance into your program and have a properly trained operator:

  1. Don’t make the session lengthy & complicated.
  2. Introduce equipment limitations and common problems.
  3. Review operator’s manual for major components.
  4. Set up a discussion group & meeting for problem discovery.
  5. Create an operator checksheet before & after each duty.
  6. Provide them with tools to easily report problems with evidence and standardized reporting.

By having this type of operators, in the long run you will have an extra people in your maintenance team that will discover and report early symptoms of equipment problems and will help reduce breakdown time.