Goodbye 2020…

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It’s safe to say that 2020 has been an unexpected year for all of us. With the myriad of challenges we’ve experienced this year, we’ve fought a battle against many fronts, most notably the health pandemic and all its side-effects. It feels like we’ve lived five years instead of one.

Therefore, this situation forces us to be more creative in a way that we’ve never imagined before. We’re looking for a solution on how to stay active against every new rules, and regulation. But that’s what we do, always looking for a solution.

Nevertheless, we’ve reached some new achievements this year. Here we presents you some of our breakthrough and milestone that we’ve achieved despite the pandemic outbreak :

With all that we did, we would leave 2020 not with fear of the future, but with pride that we made it. Because whether we like it or not – 2020 is still a year to remember.

Welcome 2021 !!