4 Tips for Successfully Implementing SaaS in Your Company

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SaaS can be difficult to implement, however, it should be seen as an investment rather than a project. Using a SaaS software can massively benefit your company (as we addressed in one of our previous blogs). However, the implementation stage may be challenging. Highlighted below are 4 tips for successfully implementing SaaS within your company.

Assign a project leader

One of the most important steps is to first assign a project leader — someone who will look over and control the process of implementation. It is important to do so to ensure the SaaS product is used to focus on the company’s core requirements and keeping the usage simple. The project leader should also be in charge of educating employees on the benefits of using the software so they are more likely to embrace the change. 

Focus on important elements

The project leader will need to focus on the core of the business and understand the importance of implementing SaaS into the workplace. Focusing on only the essentials will keep the system simple and prevent delays, complexity and added costs. With a focus in mind, there will be clear expectations of the added benefit from the SaaS product in the company. This will prevent confusion between all daily users.


Training the team of users is very crucial to smoothly implement a software into the company. Employees not only need to understand how to use the software but also (as mentioned above) why it is beneficial to use it. Training is also important to ensure employees use the software in the right manner to be more efficient and productive using it. Furthermore, employees need to be comfortable using the software before they are able to branch out and fully convert from traditional paper-based methods to digital.

Plan implementation

Planning the implementation process is another essential aspect to smoothly implement the software within a company. Take a step-by-step approach to use the software in the departments of the company. This should be done to avoid confusion in the early stages and in the event that the training provided was not sufficient for the employees to understand how the software works. Preplanning the implementation process could include preparing to set up further IT support for the staff and additional training sessions if required. Managers could plan ahead and attempt to implement the software in one department first, to see the response and reaction of the staff before moving on to the other departments. As a result, confusion could be minimized and the implementation process could be smoother.

Above are 4 ways you can successfully implement SaaS into your company. The Amtiss SaaS implementation process will be easy because of our simple software. Try it out for FREE now! 

Article by : Kareen Nanwani

Source : Five Best Practices for SaaS Implementation by Clarke Pich at epicor.com