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Digitalization in Industries, Yes or No?

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Adopt and change before any major trends or changes.Jack Ma Over time, technology grows more sophisticated and gives impacts on various industries, includes mining, construction, and plantation. From manually operated-heavy machinery to the one which is digitally operated, like Freeport which uses MineGem (Automatic LHD) for the underground mining operations. In addition to being more…

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Monitoring Manpower with Mobile Apps

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Setiap perusahaan tambang memiliki ribuan unit aset yang tersebar di beberapa lokasi berbeda dan setiap aset tersebut membutuhkan monitoring serta maintenance yang dilakukan oleh mekanik secara rutin. Selain memonitor asetnya, perusahaan juga perlu memonitor waktu kerja mekanik dalam setiap maintenance yang dilakukan terhadap unit. Namun bagaimanakah monitoring tersebut dapat dilakukan jika sistem maintenance di lapangan…

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Business Risk in 2018, Will We Face It in 2019?

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As published by Ernst & Young about their research; the 10 Business Risks facing mining and metals 2017-2018, and up there with some of the biggest concerns is the cyber risk, digital effectiveness in an increasingly digital world and the ever-growing risk surrounding regulatory policy. Sources: About Digital Effectiveness, mining companies should focus on…

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