Digitalization in Industries, Yes or No?

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Adopt and change before any major trends or changes.

Jack Ma

Over time, technology grows more sophisticated and gives impacts on various industries, includes mining, construction, and plantation. From manually operated-heavy machinery to the one which is digitally operated, like Freeport which uses MineGem (Automatic LHD) for the underground mining operations.

In addition to being more practical, MineGem is also one of the solutions in responding to the issue of spill out/mud rush that is very dangerous for mine workers. Operation using MineGame is done remotely, just like playing a video game!

It is important to adapt to technology. Why?
“If he is not adaptive, he’s going to be left behind, if the others have high growth, his will be just that much. Digitalization is very dominant”-quoted from Tony Wenas-Executive Vice President of PTFI.

Digitalization can reduce costs and increase revenue. All operation processes can run faster and more efficiently using an integrated digital system.

amtiss, for example, as heavy equipment maintenance management system with various features that able the company to monitor and manage asset’s information, maintenance, to inventory; can increase productivity and efficiency of the asset through analytical data obtained during the system usage. Various unscheduled downtime and breakdown can be prevented and assets can be operated more optimal.

Technology will continue to grow. The industries will continue to be affected, negative or positive. But, what about you? Will you adapt to technological developments and try to gain better results, or keep using the old ways?



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