Good Asset Management and Maintenance Reduce Company Losses

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.

Sir Arthur C Clarke

All industry have risk management, especially mining industry which has many concerns such as worker safety, strict regulations, the reliance on technology, inconsistent raw materials demand, high commodity prices, and bad asset management. With all those potential risks, the mining industry must have a well-built risk management programs.

Before countering attack the external potential risks, let’s build a good inner construction to prevent the occurrence of internal risks. For example, asset management and maintenance should be done effectively to prolong the asset lifetime and reduce losses due to asset breakdown.

There are mining companies who have many branches in various regions. Asset and spare part management and maintenance become an issue for the company due to delays and long distances which affect data collection and requests related to the asset. These issues will cause trouble to the company slowly, for example, a broken machine because of unscheduled maintenance or need a long time getting parts to repair the machine because of the long process of paperwork.

So, what is the solution?

source : amtiss

Utilize the technology in managing the asset and maintenance process is one of the best solutions. By using amtiss, the company can have a well-built digital system to manage the asset, inventory, maintenance process, and also workflow efficiently. The best thing is all data collection and analytics can be accessed by mobile app and web app!

Work order, work request, and asset maintenance run faster and on time using amtiss calendar feature. Inspection, work report, and spare part request can be done easily by using mobile app and can be sent to head office in real time. All these features make the company able to track the assets condition, location, and activities which will create a productivity report as a reference for making better business decision or strategy to gain more profit and reduce potential losses.

So, still want to delay digitizing your asset management and maintenance process?



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